Hadlow Riding Club

Dressage Championship 2008

Hadlow Riding Club held their Championship Dressage Show on Sunday 14th September at the beautiful venue of Sandhurst Farm nr Lamberhurst.

Both members and non-members who qualified during the course of the 2008 dressage series were invited to come along and compete for the championship classes. 

First up was the Walk and Trot Championship followed by the Prelim Championship both judged by Chloe Denny a list 3 judge and the results were as follows:

Walk and Trot 2008 Champion: Natalie Smith on Tom 69.09%
Natalie Smith.jpg (34628 bytes)

2nd Karyn Roberts on Constant Reminder 67.72%

3rd Louise Holyoake on Emma 67.27%

4th Natalie Smith on Jodie 66.36%

5th Nicole Wilson on Dunmore Girl 65.90%

6th Sophie Rist on Wexford Spot On 63.18%

Prelim 2008 Champion: Emma Whittington on Three Cups Leonara 71.25%
Emma Whittington.jpg (45958 bytes)

2nd Amy Pennington on Haysden Super Fly 68.33%

3rd Natalie Smith on Tom 67.91%

4th Vanessa Swain on Beanie 67.08%

5th Natalie Smith on Jodie 66.25%

6th Emma Hawes on Griffin Dor 62.08%

These classes were then followed with the Novice Championship and Mixed Class Championship consisting of Elem, Medium and Adv Medium tests judged by Sally Merrison List 1 Judge.  We had joint champions in the mixed class and the results were as follows:

Novice 2008 Champion: Sarah Goodwill on Domino 65.17%
Sarah Goodwill.jpg (39113 bytes)

2nd Lyn Strong on Bertie 63.79%

3rd Linda Hughes on Flash Harry 63.44%

4th Wendy Bonnert on Tara’s Destiny 58.62%

Elem/Medium/Adv Medium Joint Champions:

Carol Hindmarsh on Flying Discovery 65.17%
Jen Murphy on Hayesden Nirvana 65.17%
Carol Hindmarsh.jpg (36046 bytes)
   Jen Murphy.jpg (27806 bytes)

3rd Sarah Goodwill on Domino 62.41%

4th Jen Murphy on Hayesden Nirvana 61.81%

5th Sue Belt on Burns Night 60.68%

The weather was perfect for the day and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Jo Walker for allowing us to use her lovely venue during the summer, also to our judges and helpers on the day and not forgetting Terri Fleming who has kindly organised the whole 2008 dressage series.

If you would like to take part in our friendly dressage series in 2009 then keep an eye on our website for further details.  You can also find lots of other information on there including the full gallery of pictures of our events.


Bideford and District Riding Club Open Show Results 15th June 2008

Class 1- Ridden Hunter: 1st Sam Englefield, Purple Haze 2nd Phoebe Jenkins, Mystic Marshall 3rd Michelle McLead, Rita

Class 2- RC horse over 15hands: 1st Phoebe Jenkins, Mystic Marshall 2nd Tianne Charlesworth, Mango 3rd Emily Wells, Edward

Class 3- RC horse over 15 hands: 1st Chelsea Savage, Westfield Challanger 2nd Kerry Wilson, Bob 3rd Lorna Davis, Rogerson

Class 4- Ridden Cob: 1st Emily Wells, Edward 2nd Jenny Fox, Paddy 3rd Alison Lay, Twiglet

Class 5- M&M Working Hunter: 1st Philippa Davies, Gin & Tonic 2nd Anna Johnston, Lorna Doon 3rd Alicia Court, Black Jack Robson

Class 6- Novice Working Hunter: 1st Vikki Maddox, Summerthyme 2nd Lyndsey Bullock, Mr Bean 3rd Alicia Court, Black Jack Robson

Class 7- Open Working Hunter: 1st Nicky Guppy, American Pie 2nd Keira Bence 3rd Chloe May, Delfach So Sunny

Classes 1-7 Champion: Sam Englefield, Purple Haze. Reserve Champion: Vikki Maddox, Summerthyme

Class 8- Open 2’3”: 1st Shelley Copp, Foxy 2nd Sue Bucknell, Poppy 3rd Charlotte Passmore, Miss Liddington

Class 9- Open 2’6”: 1st Chloe May, Delfach So Sunny 2nd Robyn Penton, Fly-by-night 3rd Beth Withecombe, Coleman

Class 10- Open 2’9”: 1st Lindsey Bowden, American Pie 2nd Kizzy White, Just William 3rd Alex Gillespie, Ballymac

Class 11-Tarka Qualifier: 1st Kizzy White, Just William 2nd Jake Withecombe, Archie Theobold 3rd Alex Gillespie, Ballymac

Class 12-Taw & Torridge Qualifier: 1st Catherine Mills, Fairlands Star 2nd Adele Bailey, Trinity 3rd Vicky Mills, Mac

Class 13- Open 3’3”: 1st Catherine Mills, Gwen 2nd Vicky Mills, Mac 3rd Jake Withecombe, Archie Theobold

Class 14- Open 3’6”: 1st Catherine Mills, Fairlands Star 2nd Alex May, Tennessee 3rd Catherine Mills, Gwen

Class 15a- Lead Rein Nursery Stakes: 1st Caitlin Starrie, Next Step Up 2nd Harriet Nightingale, Barney 3rd Sophie Hedden, George

Class 15b- Nursery Stakes: 1st Tamsin Nightingale, Barney 2nd Lucy Middleton, Poppy Appeal 3rd Jess Heyland, Good Golly Miss Molly

Class 16- Novice Rider 2’: 1st Madi Edwards, Millstone Magic 2nd Ellie Lang, Redhot Todd 3rd Becki Holland, Milly

Class 17- Novice Combination 2’3”: 1st Sam Dennis, Master Jerry 2nd Esme Sharp, Megazene Maid 3rd Toni Carey, Smudge

Class 18- Granny & Granddad Stakes: 1st Toni Carey, Smudge 2nd Alison Davies, Gin & Tonic 3rd Dawn Hardy, Fleur De France

Class 19- Best Turned Out:1st Martika Gallagher, Chambers 2nd Lorna Davis, Rogerson 3rd Leanne Beer, Magic

Class 20- Best Rider: 1st Katie-Rose Cheetham, Princess Tiggy 2nd Georgina Maynard, Ruckham Barasie 3rd Olivia Needham, Ruckham Flicker

Class 21- Lead Rein Pony: 1st Ellis Craddock, Maybrock Secret Charm 2nd Louise Beven, Coedana Cordelia 3rd Katie Slee, Sea Holly

Class 22- First Ridden: 1st Martika Gallagher, Chambers 2nd Sophie Watts, Lemon 3rd Natti Maynard, Ruckham Barasie

Class 23- Family Pony: 1st Olivia Needham, Ruckham Flicker 2nd Eloise Court, Woodland Brew 3rd Georgia Maynard, Ruckham Barasie

Class 24- Thelwell Type: 1st Amber Van Der Hooft, Dolbury Dynamite 2nd Charley Dack, Yogi Bear 3rd Edward Swabey, Tawna Mayday

Class 25- Show Pony: 1st Katie-Rose Cheetham, Princess Tiggy 2nd Daniel Williams, Lemonshill Christmas Rose 3rd Tianne Charlesworth, Mango

Class 26- Veteran horse: 1st Lorna Davies, Rogerson 2nd Jack Jennings, Lemon 3rd Mia Roome, Billy

Class27- Registered Mountain and Moorland In-hand: 1st Mrs Cleave, Ring Of Bells 2nd Olivia Needham, Ruckham Flicker 3rd Charlotte Webber, Rex

Class 28- Registered Mountain and Moorland Ridden: 1st Mia Roome, Melody 2nd Amber Van Der Hooft, Dolbury Dynamite 3rd Louise Beven, Coedana Cordelia

Mountain & Moorland Champion: Mrs Cleave, Tregauldon Ring Of Bells.

Reserve Champion: Mia Roome, Melody

Class 29- Arab: 1st Kayleigh Stovell, Fizz 2nd Jake Beter, Magic Minnonsa 3rd Polly Moore, Sissy

Class 30- Mixed Coloured Horse: 1st Phoebe Jenkins, Mystic Marshall 2nd Chelsea Savage, Westfield Challanger 3rd Emily Wells, Edward

Class 31- Mixed Coloured Horse In-Hand:  1st Jake Beter, Magic Minmosa 2nd Katie Paul, Westaway Meggan 3rd K.Wilson, Griffin

Class 32- Unregistered Mountain and Moorland: 1st Anna Johnson, Lorna Doon 2nd Georgina Maynard, Ruckham Barasie 3rd Sophie Watts, Lemon

In-Hand Champion: Mrs Cleave, Tregauldon Ring Of Bells



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