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is the exciting website constructed by the creator of
Launched in June 2000 Websouthwest now covers the whole of the South West of England and is used extensively by people with varied interests, but with emphasis on equestrian activities.

www.webgreatbritain.co.uk now covers BSJA and Unaffiliated Show Jumping venues with dates, schedules, results and pictures including all Riding Club, Pony Club and horse show activities throughout Great Britain and all equestrian sports. This will be particularly useful to those Clubs and organisations that do not currently have their own website.

www.webgreatbritain.co.uk has moved on to the next stage with regional information including holidays, holiday activities, holiday attractions, for sale items, sports, advertising and links.

www.webgreatbritain.co.uk STILL NEEDS YOUR HELP  
of Riding Clubs, Pony Clubs, Local & BSJA shows, people, young and old, from all over the country are required to provide information and pictures for inclusion in the various categories, especially on the equestrian side.  If you would like to get involved please e-mail gill@webgreatbritain.co.uk . This is a huge project and we need contacts all over the country. To see how we want this website to progress please look at www.websouthwest.co.uk  & help me do the same on Webgreatbritain.  
(Schedules in a Word doc please)

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